BMI launches free staff health checks

Hospital chain BMI Healthcare is offering free mini health checks in workplaces across the UK.

The ‘Inspect Your Health’ events will start in November and be available for one year until October 2011.

BMI Healthcare will dispatch nursing teams to deliver the checks which will include tests for body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose – four important indicators for some of Britain’s most prevalent diseases.

Employers can email [email protected] if they would like BMI to hold an ‘Inspect Your Health’ event at their workplace.

Television celebrity Dr Hilary Jones, who also practices as a GP conducting health checks at BMI, is supporting the campaign. He said: “I have been providing health checks to patients for several years now and have seen the difference it can make in people’s lives.

“To get all these tests and results in one sitting at your workplace is a unique opportunity.”

Adrian Fawcett, chief executive officer of BMI Healthcare, said: “Our hospital staff know well the value of health checks – everyday seeing first-hand what conditions can be successfully overcome when detected early and the struggles involved when risks and illnesses are discovered too late.

“This is why we offer free full head-to-toe health assessments as a standard employee benefit and why we are now offering checks for free at our local businesses and shopping centres. I hope people will take advantage of this important campaign and learn how they can improve their chances for a longer, healthier life.”

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