DHL Express introduces greener cars for employees

DHL Express (UK) is offering its 350 job-need drivers the chance to drive a company car with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Previously, drivers were given the choice of Toyota or Vauxhall vehicles. Now, depending on their grade, they will also be offered models from the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 ranges, which have carbon emissions below 120g/km.

Bruce Sayers, head of reward and recognition at DHL Express, explained: “We have given staff this option of a low-emission vehicle as part of our overall environmental responsibility.”

The organisation’s 250 perk drivers are not included in this initiative, but DHL is considering revising the list of cars available to them so their chosen vehicle does not exceed a set limit for carbon dioxide emissions.

Sayers added that the initiative should prove cost-neutral for the company. The lower-emission cars should also be beneficial for employees who incur a P11D liability because they will have to pay less tax on the perk.