HSBC, M&S and Deutsche Bank awarded for engaging employees in sustainability

HSBC’s sustainability programme has won the gold award in the ‘Best green employee engagement strategy’ category at the International Green Awards. 

Marks and Spencer followed in second place and Deutsche Bank won third place.

HSBC has worked with non-profit organisation Earthwatch for the past five years to engage its global workforce on climate change issues through a combination of online learning modules, one-day local volunteering opportunities, and a scientific field research programme.

As a result of the HSBC Climate Partnership, the bank has:

  • Had more than 62,000 employee volunteers participate in environmental projects in their community.
  • Had 2,233 climate champions spend time at five Earthwatch regional climate centres.
  • Created a global ‘green taskforce’ of employees, with 96% of climate champions agreeing that the programme has increased their knowledge of climate change.

James Campbell, head of Earthwatch’s global programme with HSBC, said: “This award is a great tribute to all the team who have been involved with all our work with HSBC. 

“Looking at the competition in this category, Earthwatch is clearly succeeding in delivering effective employee engagement programmes at a significant level in the corporate world.”

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