Aimip aims to be new kitemark for international PMI

The Association of International Medical Insurance Providers (Aimip) aims to help employers and corporate advisers ensure they select an international private medical insurance (PMI) product that assures quality and compliance in the countries it is to be used in.
Speaking at the official launch of Aimip, Carl Carter, chairman of Aimip, said: “We want [employers] to see Aimip as a quality mark so that users can be assured of value.”
The association aims to increase the knowledge of providers and advisers in their dealing with employers which offer healthcare benefits on an international basis.
Citing the challenges that brokers are facing when advising employers on expatriate and global benefits provision, Carter mentioned the rapidly changing marketplace, where insurers need to develop new products to meet new demands on an ongoing basis. “This is the fastest growing sector of the medical insurance industry. The needs of expatriates are very complex and varied.”
Key challenges that employers and providers face is ensuring that the insurance they select is locally compliant.
It is not uncommon for insurers in some countries to offer PMI that is not compliant which can result in expatriates, who believe they are covered by PMI from their employer, having their work visas turned down.
Aimip members will also work together to identify fraudulent clinics and medical practices around the world. “We see in some parts of the world, where, when they see an expatriate backed by a Western insurer come into the hospital they charge a different rate [to what they would charge local people]. This affects premiums and claims,” says Carter.
To date, 80% of UK international medical insurers have signed up as members of Aimip. These are: ALC Global Health Insurance, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa, Cigna International, Expacare Global Healthcare and Assistance, Goodhealth, IMG Europe, InterGlobal, Medicare International, Morgan Price International Healthcare, and William Russell.
To join, insurers need to meet set standards. Any insurer failing these standards will not be allowed to join. Members which subsequently fail to comply will be removed from the association. Insurers from anywhere in the world can apply to join.