24% experience back problems when working from home

Around a quarter (24%) of respondents that work from home experience back aches, according to research by Bupa.

Its survey of 2,000 UK adults, released to mark National Work from Home Day (Friday 19 May), also found that 38% of respondents who work from home receive help from their employer to ensure they have a suitable home-based workspace.

The research also found:

  • 58% of respondents that work from home build exercise in to their day, and a 58% eat more healthily when home working.
  • 20% of respondents who work from home experience neck ache.
  • 66% of respondents who work from home are able to take regular breaks from their work area.
  • 25% of respondents who work from home do not have a dedicated workspace, and 40% regularly work from their bed or sofa.
  • 51% of respondents who work from home have sustained injuries, aches and pains as a result of their working environment, compared to 46% of respondents that work in a traditional workplace.

Damian McClelland, clinical director for musculoskeletal services at Bupa UK, said: “Working from home is a flexible benefit which is growing in popularity, however there are physical risks involved if people do not take the same precautions as they do in the workplace.

“Employers [should] ensure their employees have an appropriate workspace at work, if someone doesn’t regularly work from home they may not have ergonomic furniture or the correct technology needed to avoid physical health issues, such as neck and back pain.”