Star Wars robot could earn £39,221 to work on Earth


Something for the weekend: Plucky robot R2-D2 from the film franchise Star Wars would earn an estimated £39,221 a year if he swapped the Millennium Falcon for a job here on Earth, according to research by Adzuna.

If R2-D2 made the move from a galaxy far, far away to one much closer to home, Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool predicts that the blue and white robot might be able to earn £39,221 in today’s current job market, based on the skills and career achievements that would be listed on his CV.

The skillset of a modern-day knight, shining armour optional, is estimated to earn £30,872 in today’s job market, compared to the potential £34,098 wage for a ninja’s specialist moves or £28,539 a year for a warrior’s required traits.

Interestingly, the desired skills of an entry level padawan would pay more than the accomplished skills of a fully qualified jedi, according to Adzuna, with salaries of £63,750 and £28,300 respectively.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder at Adzuna, said: “With the gradual introduction of automation, robots and [artificial intelligence (AI)], we are on the precipice of a third industrial revolution; the most significant of our time. We will not only witness jobs and industries evolving but new jobs and industries being born that could only have been dreamed of on Tatooine, Hoth or Jakku. And this is positive for the job market.

“Instead of the doom and gloom headlines drumming up visions of a robot-run future, our research suggests humans will still have jobs, as employers adapt and appoint [employees] into these new roles. We are already seeing this with roles like drone engineer, robot scientist and AI regulatory solutions consultant, firmly putting humans back in the driver’s seat and ‘managing’ robots. However, whether or not we will soon see Death Star concierges, Millennium Falcon janitors or Super Star Destroyer drivers is yet to be seen.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we feel that R2-D2 would be an incredibly valuable employee, especially within an organisation’s IT department. We wonder whether he would join in with tea rounds…