Thomsons Online Benefits to launch social gaming benefits campaign

Thomsons Online Benefits is to launch an online campaign called Benefits Games, which is designed to engage employees with benefits by using social gaming.

It will provide an interactive way for key benefits messages to be communicated. For five days, starting on 28 May, the website will be available to share through social media and interactive learning games.

The five phases of the campaign will include:

  • Talk: Create a mascot and share it with peers via social media such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Think: About what employee benefits mean to you.
  • Play: Take part in three sporting games (a marathon delivering pension messages, hurdles communicating insurance messages and cycling conveying health and wellbeing messages).
  • Learn: A benefits coach offers tips to improve gaming scores.
  • Win: The user is recognised for taking part and given a clear call to action.

Michael Whitfield, chief executive officer at Thomsons Online Benefits, said: “We realised that regardless of age, people like to have fun while they learn. And in the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, we created the Benefits Games.

“It’s designed to entice people to take part in a unique online experience, which will entertain, educate and engage them into really understanding their employee benefits while pretending they are [athletes such as] Usain Bolt, Sir Chris Hoy, or Paula Radcliffe.”

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