Naked Office TV series raises questions about reward

The return of the television show The Naked Office raises questions about what benefits should be provided for employees that come to work in the buff.

Seat warmers, fake tan and dress-up Fridays are just a few perks that may be appreciated by nude staff members.On the other hand, employers might receive low take-up for the workplace lunchtime aerobics session and team dinners out could result in arrests.

The six-part series of this controversial documentary , which will appear on Virgin 1, will investigate whether working naked will help employees to break down relationship boundaries, become more positive and more productive. Daring to bare for the cameras are six British businesses, including an organic fruit and vegetable delivery company, an online beauty booking business and a construction recruitment agency.

Leadership guru Seven Suphi will be helping employees push away boundaries and no doubt take a new stance on office ‘de-briefings’. She will also supervise a number of ‘naked tasks’ ranging from employees making clay moulds of their body parts to spandex wrestling.

“For most people in the UK going to work in the nude is a very daunting prospect and I belive this extreme process will help them push their boundaries and become a close team that trust each other enough to get naked together”, said Suphi.

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