Love2reward launches off-the-shelf voluntary benefits package

Love2reward has launched an off-the-shelf voluntary benefits package, Everyday Benefits. The range of discounted benefits is designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Martin Cooper, sales and marketing manager for Love2reward, said: “From our research we have established that companies with up to 350 staff want to provide voluntary benefit schemes for their employees, but very often find the cost prohibitive. With Everyday Benefits, employers can now provide a comprehensive range of products and services at either little or no cost.”

Benefits in the package include the ‘Love2’ gift voucher portfolio: Love2shop, the high street gift voucher, Love2travel and Love2play. There are also discounts on health and dental care, motoring, technology, entertainment, leisure and supermarket vouchers, plus optional tax efficient benefits such as childcare and cycle to work schemes.

These tax efficient benefits are financially beneficial to both employer and employee, and can help to offset the cost of the scheme so that it becomes completely cost-neutral.

Everyday Benefits can be designed and tailored with the employer’s branding. Alternatively access is via a generic site, and can be linked to an employer’s intranet.For any employees who do not have access through a conventional online portal, a benefits catalogue is available, 

Cooper said: “Everyday Benefits can be set up for use by employees and by closed user groups, such as unions, and is completely flexible in terms of content. If an employer already has a scheme already running then it is possible to select just those elements that are required to supplement and complement the current offering.”