Buck Consultants launches redundancy service for managers

Buck Consultants has launched a new service designed to help line managers address the needs of retained staff at each stage of a redundancy process, and keep a focus on the future.

The new service, called Beyond Redundancy, will offer ‘manager workbooks’ that enable them to keep staff focused during a redundancy exercise and assist those left behind in taking the business forward. The workbooks provide practical guidance, templates and examples designed to tackle the three key stages employees experience during the transition.

Anna Marie Detert, head of human capital and communication at Buck, said: “Businesses rely on the staff they retain to bounce back after redundancies. We’ve discovered that line managers, who do much of the redundancy work, receive minimal support during this challenging time. We have also found that the survivors of redundancy require significant support after redundancies are made, to move forward in the new organisation.”

“Our goal is to address the needs of these two groups, to make the process more effective and to minimise the adverse effects on employee morale and productivity.”