DOD’s blog: three key benefits get a knockabout

In the Employee Benefits offices it has been of those weeks when you need lots of cake and biscuits to get you through (luckily our treat table is always well stocked). Then over and above the day job, to keep the excitement levels high, there have been three key announcements from Parliament (UK and Europe) that impact on reward.

First is the shake up, from Autumn 2015, that will see workplace-provided childcare vouchers being replaced by a new government scheme of childcare provision. Read: Childcare vouchers set to change. The industry is still digesting the exact implications of this announcement, so as these come through Employee Benefits will ensure you are up to speed.

Second is the announcement on the cap on bankers’ bonuses. This only affects a small portion of employers, but they are a powerful force so are watched with interest from all sectors. Read: Final agreement on bankers’ bonus cap

Third, the House of Lords knocked back the employee ownership (in exchange for some employment rights) scheme the government was keen to promote. Employers have not been keen on it, and nor – it seems – were the Lords. Read: Employee ownership scheme blocked. But it is good news that the government is keen to promote employee share schemes more generally with several ideas announced in this week’s Budget. See articles on our Budget 2013 page.

So it seems that it is not simply Team EB who will be looking forward to a four-day working week next week.

Roll on Easter!

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Debi O’Donovan, Editor, Employee Benefits

Twitter: @DebiODonovan