Somerfield updates vehicle management process

Somerfield has taken steps to make the administration of its fleet more efficient and help meet its duty-of-care responsibility.

The new online scheme includes an automated mileage capture system to record details of business trips and personal mileage, run by the Miles Consultancy. This is designed to make the process of private mileage recovery easier for the supermarket chain’s 800 company car drivers.

It will also help Somerfield meet its duty-of-care responsibilities as the system requires drivers to confirm key information each month, including that their vehicle is maintained, serviced, insured and fit for purpose.

Paul Savage, head of procurement at Somerfield, said: “We have witnessed significant improvements in mileage reporting compliance since the new tools came into use. Feedback from staff tells us that the improvements in duty of care are well received and with the planned introduction of automated mileage allowance relief claims, the programme is viewed as extremely positive.”