Poor pay and benefits cause stress

Poor pay and benefits is the main cause of stress at work for 12% of employees.

However, almost a quarter (24%) believe that stress is mainly caused by a heavy workload, while a further 12% claim long hours help to increase stress levels, according to Research into stress triggers from Croner.

Relationships at work were also cited as a factor, with 14% stating that a bad relationship with colleagues impacted on stress levels and 12% reporting a poor relationship with their boss had the same effect.

Just 5% of respondents said that they became stressed as a result of a long commute, while a further 3% explained that being overlooked for a promotion was a cause of the problem.

A lucky 14% claimed that they do not experience stress at work.

Which factor do employees consider the most stressful?

Heavy workload 24%
Poor relationship with colleagues 14%
Long hours 12%
Poor relationship with boss 12%
Pay and benefits 12%
Long commute 5%

Source: Croner