Bring Your Dog to Work Day motivates staff


Something for the weekend…

Having dogs in the workplace can help to motivate and engage staff, according to Pet Sitters International, creator of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, which takes place on 26 June 2015.

The event celebrates the companionship between dogs and humans, as well as encouraging those who do not currently own a dog to adopt one from a rescue group, shelter or humane society.

The day, which allows dog-owning employees to introduce their dog to their colleagues and witness the human-animal bond, has proved popular with a number of employers including organisations such as printing services firm Sakurai and education recruiters Impact Teachers.

Dogs’ impact on productivity

Impact Teachers recently recruited a head of security officer, Rocky (pictured top right) who is of the canine variety.

Ron Rosati, co-founder of Impact Teachers, said: “This is our most recent form of staff motivation. He’s a joy and everybody happily participates.

“Even employees who were once dog-haters now love and look after him. This has been simply amazing.”

Printing services provider Sakurai also believes in the benefits of dog-friendly working environment. Kenny Rawsthorne, officer manager at Sakurai UK, said: “While [the dogs] don’t distract people from their work, they do make people laugh. I think having a dog in the office lightens the atmosphere and everyone just seems a little happier.”

Bert (pictured bottom right) is just one of the dogs taking part in Bring Your Dog to Work day at Sakuri this year.

According to the official guide from Pet Sitters International, participating in the annual event: “Provides a lost-cost perk at a time when many organisations have been forced to decrease benefits.”

Other organisations, including Ben and Jerry’s, Google, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Amazon and P&G Pet Care are also dog-friendly workplaces.

Here at Employee Benefits, we don’t need any more convincing and are off to make some furry friends.