Staff use internet to flirt at work

Employers that provide staff with access to social networking sites at work
could unknowingly be giving them the tools they need to flirt or start an
affair with a fellow colleague.

While access to sites like Facebook and Twitter, might be considered
as a ‘fringe’ workplace perk, when their usage is combined with ever-longer
working hours, employees have both the time and resources to conjure up a
steamy office romance.

According to research, conducted by polling agency OpinionWay for law
publishers Tissot Editions, one in three French employees claim to have had
a workplace romance, and one in 10 respondents used the internet in office
hours to flirt. Out of those employees who admitted to having a workplace
encounter, 63% described it as a fleeting affair.

In instances when the affair lasted, only 17% of those who had hooked up
were happy to go public with it at work, while 22% kept it quiet and 6% quit
their job due to a conflict of interest.

The poll also acknowledged a trend across the developed world that many
employees meet long-term partners in the office due to working longer hours. Internet availability and social media sites made it possible to flirt
online at work.

Ronan Chastellier, a sociologist who presented the survey, said: “Workplace
life has long been considered a neutral zone, out of bounds to feelings of
love. Frankly, it’s more like a bar or a nightclub, a place that helps
people meet up.”