Infoteam introduces voluntary benefits scheme

Infoteam has introduced a voluntary benefits scheme.

Working with Personal Group, the electronics repair and remanufacturing firm introduced the scheme in May. It includes discounts on retail shopping and holidays, as well as perks like discounts on magazine subscriptions and breakdown cover.

The scheme, which is available to Infoteam’s 500 employees across nine UK sites, also offers employees the opportunity to take up childcare vouchers, an employee assistance programme (EAP) helpline, a group hospital plan and income protection through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Prior to launching the scheme, a meeting was held with employee representatives and managers to gauge their reactions and interest in the benefit. Teaser posters were put up to inform employees of the perk, and face-to-face communications began at the beginning of May.

The firm introduced the new perks as a way of maintaining the attraction of working at Infoteam during a difficult financial time when budgets were stretched.

Toby Lott, group HR manager, said: “It is a good way of showing enthusiasm and appreciation of the workforce without increasing overheads.

“Not all organisations are in a position to give pay rises so this is a way of overcoming that, and retaining our staff, while saying thank you.”

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