Employee Benefits/HSF Health Plan Healthcare Research 2010


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Research: who are the respondents; key findings

Research: attitudes to employee health and wellbeing

Research: which employee healthcare benefits are on offer

Research: international healthcare benefits

Research: impact of health and wellbeing benefits on sickness absence

Research: strategies to deal with employee stress

Research: employee healthcare costs and calculating return on investment

Editor’s comment

Our 12th annual healthcare research once again shows how more employers are becoming proactive in managing employee wellbeing, with many seeing the investment they make in looking after staff as being good for the long-term success of their organisation.

The HR and benefits managers I have spoken to over the past year have been all too aware of employee stress during tough economic times and several have geared up to deal with a further increase in stress levels as the economy picks up. The concept of ‘employee mental resilience’ has become common HR parlance as they try to ensure staff are able to deal with growth and expansion plans, mergers and acquisitions.

This proactive, positive approach is crucial if organisations want to remain (or become) successful. For example, a worrying result from this research shows that the number of employers that felt some of their staff were demotivated because of stress has doubled from 4% in our 2009 survey to 8% this year.

Given how crucial employee engagement and motivation are to business performance, this rapid increase is worrying.

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But overall, there is an ongoing mood of change in UK organisations – away from the defensive treatment of problems that was common a few years ago to a positive agenda of promoting workplace wellbeing to prevent future difficulties.

Debi O’ Donovan, Editor, Employee Benefits