Pentland Brands moves from employee car ownership scheme to company cars

Pentland Brands has changed its car scheme from an employee car ownership (Eco) scheme to company cars.

The brand management group has appointed fleet management firm Alphabet to manage the change and supply cars and fleet management services, funded on a contract hire arrangement.

Portland Brands decided to move away from its previous Eco scheme due to drivers covering fewer business miles as a result of the increased use of telephone and video conferencing, as well as other company changes that reduced the need for business travel.

The change is expected to deliver savings in fleet costs and reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint by 12% over four years.

The new scheme offers all drivers, from director level downward, cars that emit 160g/km of CO2 or less. Drivers can also trade down to lower-cost cars and take the difference as cash.

The company held workshops for employees to communicate the transition from an Eco scheme to company cars.

Steve Osborne, Pentland’s fleet manager, said: “The great thing from the company’s point of view is that if employees choose a smaller car then the CO2 level will be lower, the driver’s P11d will be reduced, and the group’s liability for employer’s national insurance will also see a reduction, so it is good all round.

“It is a good incentive and an opportunity for the drivers to put something back in their pocket, which in the current economic climate is always going to be well received. We are not only delivering on our green commitment but saving money as well.”

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