Busy Bees Benefits expands product range

Busy Bees Benefits has expanded its product range to include a car care scheme, a bikes-for-work scheme, and a tickets and hospitality service.

The car care scheme can be offered by employers to help staff save money on car repair and maintenance costs. If an employer operates its childcare voucher scheme through Busy Bees, it can offer the car care scheme to staff at a reduced membership fee.

The bikes-for-work scheme allows employers to offer bikes and equipment to staff via a salary sacrifice arrangement, delivering tax and national insurance (NI) savings for both the employer and the employees.

The ticketing and hospitality service will provide organisations with the opportunity to help staff attain tickets for popular concerts and events.

The provider, which sold its childcare voucher business to Computershare in 2008 and moved back into the area in 2010, intends to continue to grow the range of benefits it offers.

John Woodward, managing director of Busy Bees Benefits, said: “Before we sold the original childcare voucher business we really wanted to have a broader offer. The whole point was to be reactive to what employers wanted.

“Employers are keen to offer bikes for work because of the tax breaks, and the car care scheme and ticketing service are something a couple of employers asked us to look at.”

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