NAPF elects Mark Hyde Harrison chairman

The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) has elected Mark Hyde Harrison its new chairman.

He will succeed Lindsay Tomlinson whose two-year term of office ends at the NAPF annual general meeting on 21 October 2011.

Hyde Harrison was elected by the NAPF retirement policy and the investment councils, the main bodies through which the NAPF develops policies on behalf of its members.

He is currently chief executive of the Barclays UK retirement fund. He has been a member of the NAPF investment council since 2006 and is its vice chairman. He also serves on the NAPF board, and its audit and risk management committee.

Hyde Harrison said: “I am delighted to have been elected chairman of the NAPF.

“It is an organisation that has achieved much success in recent years, whether lobbying for tax changes or state pension reform.

“But there are further challenges ahead and, with auto-enrolment just over a year away, the face of pension provision in the UK will change fundamentally.

“As chairman of the association, I look forward to building on those successes and ensuring that the NAPF stays at the forefront of the debate on the future of pension provision in the UK.

“These will also be challenging times for the NAPF which will have to adapt to the new pensions environment and reach out to a wider constituency.

“I would like to thank Lindsay Tomlinson for his hard work and dedication. I look forward to working with Joanne Segars, her team, and the NAPF’s members to meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

Tomlinson added: “I congratulate Mark on becoming the next chairman of the association.

“He will lead the NAPF at an intense time for pensions, with a raft of reforms including auto-enrolment set to change the face of pensions in the Britain.”

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