Morrison drives gas-guzzlers off company car list

Support services group Morrison has revamped its company car selection list, cutting out gas-guzzlers and including more green cars for employees to choose, following a review of its fleet policy.

It wants to make use of the tax breaks on green cars and reduce its carbon footprint. Now all of the vehicles, except one, in its selection list produce less than 160 grams per kilometre (gpk) of carbon dioxide.

Tony Raymond, Morrison’s commercial manager, said: “Previously, we have had cars over 200gpk and the petrol automatics were 220gpk or 223gpk, but now we have cut the high-emission [vehicles] out. There is a dramatic difference in the list.”

Prestige cars are still available for senior employees, but these are clean-engine vehicles such as the Audi A6, which emits 160gpk.

Morrison has also revamped its occupational road risk policy, targeting staff that drive their own car for business. Employees who want to use their own car must now prove it is no more than seven years old and has fewer than 120,000 miles on the clock.

“We are going to considerably tighten up on checking the drivers in their own vehicles. We had
a restriction before, but we didn’t really police it,”
said Raymond.

Nick Golding