McDonald’s staff purchase discounted bikes

McDonaldsEmployees at McDonald’s have bought more than 650 bikes through its cycle discounts scheme, which closed last month.

Staff were able to purchase discounted bicycles and accessories for themselves, as well as for family and friends through the ‘On your bike’ scheme which was open for two months from 1 May.

Approximately 184 cycling accessories were also purchased through the scheme, which staff could access through the company’s employee learning and lifestyle website ‘Our Lounge’.

Neal Blackshire, benefits and compensation manager, said: “Take up exceeded our plans.”

The fast food giant introduced a discounted cycle scheme after staff asked for access to bikes through the company’s benefits package. A cycle-to-work scheme offered through salary sacrifice wasn’t deemed suitable for the organisation as it would have been difficult to offer this type of arrangement to staff in its franchised branches. Blackshire added that it also wanted to include children’s bikes in its scheme.

The company is now considering offering the scheme again, possibly next year.