JCB gives shop floor employees 3.9% pay increase


Construction equipment manufacturing organisation JCB has awarded 3,200 shop floor employees a 3.9% pay increase.

The pay rise, which is effective from 1 January 2018, is part of a three-year pay deal that was agreed with trade union GMB in 2016. The pay award is linked to November 2017’s retail prices index (RPI).

The pay increase will apply to shop floor employees based at JCB’s Staffordshire-based plants in Rocester, Uttoxeter, Cheadle and Rugeley, as well as for staff working in the organisation’s factories at Wrexham and Foston in Derbyshire.

The rise follows a £500 Christmas bonus paid to JCB’s 5,500 UK employees.

Graeme Macdonald, chief executive officer at JCB, said: “The long-term pay deal agreed [in 2016] gave us the stability we needed to plan and has delivered a robust pay rise for JCB’s shop floor employees. The outlook for 2018 is positive with markets all over the world in exceptionally good shape.”

Gordon Richardson, works convenor at GMB, added: “2017 was a good year for the [organisation] which has generated more job security for GMB members and we welcome the pay rise which was agreed as part of the three-year deal.”