You at Work launches social networking site for staff

You at Work has launched an online workplace network to encourage employees to socialise and share information with their colleagues.

The service is similar to popular public sites, such as Bebo and Facebook, and allows employees to create their own profile, send messages to other people in the organisation, and set up social groups such as sports clubs.

It can also support professional networks and enables employees to share knowledge, ideas and best practice. Bruce Rayner, chief executive of You at Work, said: “Employees who are encouraged by their employers to interact with each other are more likely to perform better in their roles, be more committed to their company and stay longer.

“Online workplace networks help to improve employee engagement, recruitment and retention by providing an infrastructure to support employees’ workplace networks.”

The product was launched in December 2008 after being trialled among staff at the You at Work office. Employers will be charged a licence fee per employee for access to the network.

Organisations can moderate their network site, although they can ask You at Work to remove content.