Informa revamps flexible benefits plan

Informa has revamped its flexible benefits scheme, communicating it through roadshows and a new website.

New options for the scheme, called “Informybenefits”, include savings on trips to spas and a broader choice of gym providers.

Attendance at communication roadshows was double that of the previous year after staff were sent boarding pass-style invitations that they could enter into a prize draw for free transatlantic flights from Virgin if they attended the event.

Head office HR director Tom Humphreys said: “We want to keep our benefits package competitive and keep the excitement about it alive among employees.”

As part of the relaunch, all 2,500 eligible workers at the information services firm received a redesigned booklet detailing the perks and access to a new online portal.

“The aim is to enable people to get more information online rather than produce a detailed booklet,” said Humphreys. “We didn’t want selecting perks to be complicated.”