News update – Nestlé UK helps to swallow car charges

Nestlé UK has introduced tax-free car parking for the 1,000 employees based at its Croydon head office in an attempt to boost its benefits package.

The company is also planning to relaunch some existing benefits in February, including the home computing initiative (HCI), travel insurance, holiday trading and a healthcare cash plan.

So far, response for the car parking has been limited, said Neil Millan, head of employee relations and reward at Nestlé UK, while speaking at Employee Benefits one-day event How to Pay Less Tax on Benefits held in London, but he expects demand to increase. “Only about 18 people have taken it up [so far], but not all [Croydon-based staff] actually drive to work. It is an ongoing benefit, so we expect it to increase in popularity on a gradual basis, ” he said.

The food giant also recently put its benefits package online. You At Work co-ordinated providers and put them together on an intranet site allowing employees to see all updates and new editions to their package.

Wendy Fleet, head of marketing at You At Work, said: “We have created a clearer picture for Nestlé employees, branding their benefits package and putting a wrapper around all of them. The online solution allows easy access to benefits information for staff.”