Ageing workforce a focus at Employee Benefits Connect


Employers have to think more strategically about how to adapt their workforces to take on the challenges presented by the ageing workforce.

Speaking in a session titled ‘The impact of the ageing workforce’ at Employee Benefits Connect on 4 March at the Lancaster London, Dr Bernard Casey, principal research fellow at Warwick Institute for Employment Research, will discuss how employers can tackle the issue. He will also raise topics employers need to assess and worry about.

His session will cover what the impact will have on the workforce of tomorrow, whether or not employers are rising to the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly ageing workforce, as well as examine the implications of older employees moving into secondary careers rather than opting to retire

Casey said: “Employers have got to think more strategically than they are thinking now. The workforce is now older than it used to be, and employers need to take steps to help them maintain high levels of engagement to ensure these staff are capable of staying in employment.

“Employers need to adapt to changing demands through flexible working and adapt the workplace for these older employees.”

Casey suggests that to manage the impact of an ageing workforce, employers should offer employees training to acquire skills to take on new roles and continue to work past their retirement age, perhaps on a temporary basis, instead of hiring someone new to fill the void.

Delegates attending the session will also hear how the ageing workforce is impacting occupational health.

Casey added: “We are less healthy than we possibly think we are, and this will be a problem with some of the health benefits offered if staff are working longer into their pension ages.

“Delegates will need to confront difficult questions with the ageing workforce.”

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Employee Benefits Connect will be held at the Lancaster London Hotel in London on 4 March.

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