Employers want benefit providers that offer easy-to-use services

Employers are looking for benefit providers that can offer a service which is easy for their employees to use, according to research by Cigna UK Healthcare Benefits.

The Cigna Client Satisfaction Survey 2011, conducted with Consensus, found that 80% of respondents claimed that ease of using the service by employees was extremely important to them.

This shows a shift in employer needs from last year’s survey, when 84% of employers said that their top priority was the provider’s ability to solve client problems or queries on time; this figure dropped to 54% in 2011.
Kirsty Jagielko, head of product management said: “Employers are keen to help their employees make the most of their benefits packages.

“Today employees are increasingly being asked to pay a share of the costs of their benefits which means employers should be keen to make sure they are getting good value for money.

“Employees will value a service that is easy to use and it is promising to see employers recognise this.

“These findings reflect The Employee Benefits benefits research 2011, highlighting that 53% of employers think that matching benefits to employee needs is an important issue in today’s workplace.”

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