Domestic and General hosts wellness event

Domestic and General has held a wellness event to support employees’ health and wellbeing and combat sickness absence.

The event, held in conjunction with Nuffield Health, gave the organisation’s 800 call-centre employees the chance to get advice and tips on exercise and eating plans.

Domestic and General’s wellness team gave out NHS quit kits to employees that wanted to give up smoking, and health representativess from Nuffield visited the call centre, and offered services and goodie bags to staff.

Employees also took part in assessments such as body composition, which allowed them to understand their weight in relation to their height and understand where the body stores fat.

Nuffield advisers talked to employees about how to maintain or improve weight and shape, and how to stay healthy through nutrition and exercise.

Deborah Martin, site operations manager at Domestic and General, said: “Domestic and General takes the health and wellbeing of staff very seriously and by working with Nuffield, we have been able to bring in some outside experts to offer people advice and support.

“We know that a key way to target sickness-related absence is to help people to take better care of themselves.

“This is beneficial to not only the company in terms of productivity, but also to our staff who will feel healthier and happier.”

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