BP launches new communications strategy for DC pension

BP has introduced a new communications strategy for the 3,000 members of its defined contribution (DC) pension scheme.

The project, which was run in conjunction with Capita Hartshead, centred on the rationalisation of investment options for the DC scheme. Despite the quantity and complexity of the information communicated to members, the BP pensions helpline received only seven enquiries about the changes.

BP worked with Capita Hartshead’s communications consultants to design and deliver a suite of personalised announcements which were sent to members at key stages in the project. The strategy was to drip feed information in easy-to-understand chunks. As well as generic communications covering the basics, members received a personalised statement illustrating how the investment of their pension account was changing.

The DC scheme new joiner pack for BP’s retail employees was also re-branded and re-written. Using the strapline ‘better prepared’, this incorporates fun ways to engage, such as a ‘chums chatting’ myth buster.

Peter Lay, communications manager for BP pensions and benefits, said: “Our aim is to help employees recognise the value of the benefits we provide and to take control of their retirement planning.

“The Capita Hartshead communications team certainly rose to that challenge. Their ideas were varied, exciting, innovative and thought-provoking and the material they produced was well received by the members.”

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