Hutchison 3G to relaunch flexible benefits scheme

Hutchison 3G is planning to relaunch its flexible benefits scheme and extend it to 700 head office staff.

The telecoms company, which operates mobile phone network 3, currently provides a flex scheme to more than 2,500 staff based in its call centre and retail operations, each of whom have an allowance to spend or take as cash.

Seth Russell, director of reward, said that a decision to roll out flex across the company was made when “an appetite for more control of benefits” was demonstrated after 20% of staff elected to trade a week’s holiday when the option was introduced across the company last year.

The new flex scheme, which is due to go live in March, will allow staff to trade individual days of holiday, to participate in a bikes-for-work scheme through salary sacrifice and to trade up their free mobile phone to a better model.

Senior employees based at head office will have their private medical insurance reduced from family cover to single cover leaving them with a cash balance to spend on perks through the flex scheme. The majority of head office staff will also be able to flex their life assurance up and down.

Russell said: “We are taking the opportunity to simplify what we offer and to reduce the complexities and differences.

“We will [also] be putting a lot of emphasis on reinforcing the message about what people already have, as well as the choices that are being opened up to them.”