Gain recognition for your travel policy or global benefits

Is your organisation’s travel policy more than just a company car scheme? The category formerly known as ‘Best car and travel benefits’ in the Employee Benefits Awards has been renamed ‘Best travel policy’ to encourage entrants to emphasise the range of benefits their travel policy offers, including company cars.

These could include environmentally-friendly travel practices, tax- or cost-cutting initiatives, new technology that communicates with drivers more effectively, the introduction of a driver training programme or staff travel policies that reduce the need for employees to drive.

Meanwhile, the category ‘Best international or expatriate benefits’, which has also been renamed for the 2014 awards, focuses on a reward strategy across two or more countries outside the UK. 

Perhaps you have rolled out benefits and reward programmes in multiple countries or provided innovative benefits to expatriate staff.

Entrants might have deployed a specific reward or bonus strategy across several countries, launched a global share scheme or flexible benefits plan, revised an expatriate reward strategy, harmonised benefits as far as possible internationally or introduced a cross-border recognition scheme. 

Enter the Employee Benefits Awards 2014. The deadline is 18 December.