British Airways gives staff allotment

British Airways has offered employees allotment plots at its headquarters near Heathrow Airport to help improve their general health and wellbeing.

British Airways allotment-wellbeing-2015

The allotment is being offered to staff to coincide with National Allotment Week, which runs from 10-16 August 2015.

The allotment keepers also have a social network on which they can share recipes for the fruit and vegetables they produce, offer advice on growth strategies and even organise allotment events such as Harvest Festival.

Paul Jarvis, museum curator at British Airways, said: “It’s all too easy for office-based workers to not step foot outside all day. Our workplace allotment not only gives staff the opportunity to grow healthy produce, but they also get exercise, fresh air and a space to meet new people in their spare time.”

Fiona Lamond, wellbeing consultant at British Airways, added:  “The allotment is a great place to come during lunch breaks to get some sunshine and meet new friends.”