DOD’s blog: Why I’ll be on my bike on 12 September

In three weeks’ time, it will be Cycle to Work Day. As an enthusiastic commuter cyclist, I think this is a brilliant idea.

I want as many other commuters as possible to discover the joys of cycling to work.

Too often we hear only the horror stories. Sadly, these are extremely important cautions that need to be noted and learnt from by cyclists, drivers and city planners, all of whom are culpable in some way whenever a cyclist is injured or killed.

But the other side of the story is, thankfully, far more widespread. For example, the joy of not cramming into overcrowded public transport or sitting in traffic behind the wheel of a car. I am never late for work when I cycle.

The health benefits of cycling are huge too: when I started cycling in 2009 I lost weight, reduced my body fat and cholestrol levels, and increased my energy levels. There is nothing better to wake me up on a Monday morning, or to bring down stress levels after a busy day, than a good cycle.

And exercise is reputed to boost immunity – not least because on a bicycle it is hard to pick up germs from fellow commuters.

But cycling isn’t for everyone. I witness the unsure and careless every day, and I worry for them. That said, they are the minority and need educating. My first day or two on the road was scary, but I quickly learnt the safest routes and tactics.

If you have been thinking about cycling to work, but have yet to do it – 12 September is the day to get your bike out.

There is still time to work out your route to work and get your bike checked out if you haven’t been on it for a while. See the Cycle to Work Day website for loads of helpful advice.

Hopefully, I will see loads of you (and your employees) out on the road on the 12th.

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Now, who wants to get a Review Your Pensions Day going? I’d be all for that, too.

Debi O’Donovan
Employee Benefits

Twitter: @DebiODonovan