Acfo publishes guide to fleet policies

Acfo, the organisation for fleet operators, has published a guide to influence fleet and travel policies. 

The guide, From A to B: the ACFO guide to journey planning, is designed for public, private and voluntary sector organisations to look at how effective, and sustainable, their existing mobility options are.

The 28-page guide suggests that corporate travel (whether by company car, an employee’s own car, hire car, public transport, motorbike, bicycle or indeed car share) should be overseen by a business mobility manager.

Historically, the car has always been the preferred form of travel for the vast majority of business meetings and appointments, but the guide suggests that this is not always the optimum option in terms of cost, time, reducing risk exposure or cutting carbon emissions.

Julie Jenner, chairman of the Acfo, said: “This guide is not about reducing business travel, although clearly that may be possible. But as a direct result of reading the publication, employees in charge of corporate travel may be able to implement positive changes that also lead to improved corporate efficiency.

“Central to the business mobility decision-making process should be a desire by employers to reduce travel costs, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the risk exposure of the organisation and staff. That means for the majority of employers a radical overhaul of how work-related travel is presently conducted.

“Simultaneously, employers must ensure that both they and their employees have all the information available to make a clear decision on whether to travel by car, train or plane; whether to use a company car, their own or a hire vehicle; for short journeys, whether to walk, cycle or use public transport; or alternatively whether car share, taxi or one of the many technology options such as video or tele-conferencing are viable.

“The opportunities for employers to implement a diverse, multi-faceted, sustainable mobility plan and display corporate social responsibility have never been greater.”

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