One in five fleets fail to recheck driving licences

One in five company car fleets fail to regularly recheck driving licences according to research conducted by by CFC Solutions.

Around a fifth of organisations using the firm’s licence link software do not have any plans to check if the status of their drivers have changed by gaining more driver penalty points. This is despite advice from the Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) to recheck licences every six months.

The frequency of driving licence rechecks should be based on how many points a driver has on their licence. For most fleets, the guidance is annually for those with no points, every six months for those with 1-3 and every three months for those with between 4-7, and every month for those with 8-12.

Neville Briggs, managing director of CFC Solutions, said: “This approach is based on the principle that drivers with points represent a greater risk to the fleet and that the more points they have, the higher the risk they are. This is a commonsense approach followed by all risk management specialists.

“Clearly, drivers in the highest risk categories, where they are only one or two offences away from a ban, need to be checked very regularly. They are both the highest risk from a duty of care point of view but also have the most to lose in the event of a ban – probably their job – and so are much more likely to try to hide that information,” Briggs said.

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