Game of Thrones helps motivate employees

Something for the weekend…

If power-crazed King Joffrey (pictured) from Game of Thrones was your employer, the journey to work would leave you wondering if you would still have your head by the end of the day.


But thoughtful boss Dan Rice of online marketplace, takes a more relaxed approach to running his empire and motivating employees, and it involves the popular television series.

When his seven staff members became annoyed and frustrated in the workplace about seeing spoilers, the fan of the bloodthirsty show decided to do something about it.

Employees can now clock in late on a Monday morning to watch the episode on Sky Anytime, where it is available 19 hours before its scheduled air time on Monday evenings.

Rice said: “I’d say it certainly helps lift any Monday blues, and when everybody gets in they aee positive, happy and ready to go for another week.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we may also need Monday afternoons to recover from all the murderous plot twists.