New stress management consultancy launches

A new workplace stress management and employee wellbeing consultancy has launched.

Workplace Stress Solutions aims to help prevent and manage stress in the workplace.

It offers a tailored approach to organisations through a range of stress management, resilience training, and leadership development programmes.  

Natasha Shearer, founder of Workplace Stress Solutions (pictured), said: “Many organisations continue to face tougher legislative and economic challenges and our aim at Workplace Stress Solutions is to equip these organisations and their employees with the tools and interventions to enable them to prevent and reduce workplace stress, to boost employee engagement, to support management and leadership development and to enable employers to promote a culture of wellbeing.

“There is still a stigma attached to mental health issues and, with stress in the workplace becoming a more prevalent issue, it is crucial that employers and employees are aware of the measures they can take to reduce this.”