EXCLUSIVE: GKN focuses on employee wellbeing

GKN is to add a variety of health and wellbeing benefits to its flexible benefits scheme for this year’s enrolment window.

The global engineering firm, which has 6,000 UK staff, is introducing modular wellness programmes tailored for each of its 14 sites. It will also have wellness champions, walking clubs and online health assessments.

Sue Grant, project manager, global reward at GKN, said: “It is difficult when you have manufacturing sites because the demands are different, but I think we can bespoke it to fit.”

The firm will also provide after-work fitness classes, which it has trialled at its Redditch site. Its other new wellbeing offerings include a free 24/7 GP helpline, online dieting tips, and an online weight-consciousness programme.

The benefits will be added to GKN’s flex scheme, provided by BHSF. Grant added: “It is a bit of looking back at the successes and thinking what we can do to improve going forward.”

The company has also added computer and mobile phone perks to flex, both available through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

The flex plan and the new wellbeing benefits are being communicated through monthly mailings that focus on one benefit each month, a poster campaign, new benefits booklets and a re-vamped website.

“GKN has never done anything like this throughout its 250-year history, so it was a real departure for us,” said Grant. “We have gone through a tough time and we need to start to talk to staff and engage with them again.”

Employees’ flexible benefits selections will take effect from 14 May.

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