Hungryhouse launches voluntary benefits scheme

Hungryhouse has introduced a voluntary benefits scheme to reward and engage its UK staff.

Employee engagement-motivation-2015

The takeaway food delivery platform implemented the scheme this month, which includes a variety of benefits such as free spa days, TasteCards, mobile phone insurance, discounted gym memberships, savings on childcare, cinema tickets, groceries and travel.

Hungryhouse’s 40 UK employees will also be gifted with an occasional free surprise, from snacks and beers to accessories and stress balls.

Employees can redeem the benefits via an online platform and app.

The programme, provided by Perkbox, has been launched as part of the organisation’s aspiration to enhance its internal work culture and to reinforce it as a great place to work.

Chris Hargroves, divisional sales manager, North UK at Hungryhouse, said: “People are the most important asset to our business; if we go out of our way to look after our people, they will go out of their way to look after the organisation. Any element of reward that we put in place is done solely to make our teams happy and therefore have a positive effect on that evolution.

“Customer engagement is top of our list of priorities, and in order to create happy and engaged customers we need a happy and engaged workforce, the offering is just our way of saying thanks to our team for continuing to do a great job and continuing to positively influence our culture.”