How to keep a positive mindset at work

We all have days where we tend to struggle at work, whether it’s the thought of Monday morning or the realisation it’s only the middle of the week, those days do happen. As much as we love our job, and understand life takes a little bit of work to keep it going – slump days are real.

There are a few ways we can keep a positive mindset while we are at work to help push away those feelings, and keep a happy environment at work.

Be friends with you co-workers
While you have a good network of friends and family outside of work, it’s not a bad idea to be friends with your co-workers. It creates a nice environment, keeps up morale as conversation can flow easier and everyone feels at ease in each other’s company.

Take Breaks
You are entitled to take a break. Change your environment for 5 minutes, and you will notice you feel less bogged down, your productivity will improve and your mind doesn’t feel so trapped inside a task.

Tune Out
Bad moods can be contagious. If you aren’t feeling 100%, or someone around is having a particularly bad day and is becoming a bit of a mood hoover, it is okay to tune out for a little bit. Pop in some headphones for 30 minutes and listen to some upbeat music to perk you up.

Set your own goals
Self-motivation can play a key role in keeping up your morale. If you are set goals from your employer, why not add a couple of your own as something more personal to aim for. For example, if you are set a deadline, why not add to it that reaching that deadline means you can treat yourself to lunch at work. More personal goals can improve productivity and concentration on a task.

Do something nice
Doing something nice at work can be a real morale booster, not only for yourself, but also your colleagues. Why not bring in some homemade treats, or make the tea round in the morning? Random Acts of Kindness for an individual at work, once a week can make someone’s day, as well as your own.

When you are running on very little sleep, it’s difficult not to feel anxious or stressed. The more sleep you can get, and the better your evening routine, the more relaxed you’ll feel at work and the better the work you’ll produce. Sleep can have a massive effect on various areas of your health, so looking after your sleep pattern is very important.