The Highland Council introduces mental health platform for teachers

The Highland Council introduces mental health platform for teachers

The Highland Council has introduced a new support package to improve the mental health of teachers throughout the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The organisation partnered with Treehouse of Knowledge to support the wellbeing of its staff in light of recent lockdown restrictions. From 18 January 2021, teachers across 200 Highland schools will have access to mental health platform Treehouse, which addresses the challenges of the pandemic and develops positive mental health.

The platform offers users modules focused around mental health and wellbeing, including topics such as understanding and managing stress and anxiety, dealing with change, and building resilience. Each lesson consists of videos and reading material, along with engaging activities.

Every employee will have access to the platform for personal and professional use. It can be used remotely to equip them with the right tools they need to support their overall wellbeing.

Nicky Grant, chief executive officer of education and learning at The Highland Council, said: “Treehouse is exactly what our schools need right now. In times of change and uncertainty, our teachers need a tool that will help them develop resilience, cope with change and manage stress and anxiety. Additionally, Treehouse will form an important part of our schools’ remote learning approach. We are excited that this will aid teachers in delivering structured mental health and wellbeing support during the latest lockdown.

“We have built a fantastic relationship with Tree of Knowledge over many years. As a team of former teachers, psychologists, and comedians, they understand education, and never fail to deliver essential messages, with great humour and fun.”