“The number of Britons not working due to long-term sickness has hit a record high, with the increase driven by a rise in mental health problems among young people and a rise in back and neck pain”. The Independent, May 2023

The State of Mental Health in the UK

It’s a rather bleak headline to start with, and this Mental Health Awareness (MHA) Week, we’ve shared quite a few of them. We’ve been talking about the impacts of financial anxiety on people and businesses, the links between debt and mental-ill health and the importance of giving your employees a safe place to turn when they need help.

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It does start to feel quite negative after a while. Still, we can’t shy away from talking about the state of employee wellbeing or the mental health crisis impacting the nation – especially when we offer solutions to help.

In this blog, we take a look at: the state of mental health in the UK, the role of the employer, supporting employee wellbeing with cultural changes, and how your employee benefits package can help.