Glenmorangie revamps family leave policy

Scotch whisky business Glenmorangie Company has refreshed its family leave policy so that staff can spend more time with a new child.

The 175-year-old distiller has announced it will now give all new parents – whether they are natural birth parents, adopters, or surrogate parents – fully paid leave for 26 weeks.

Employees will then have the option of taking a further 15 weeks off at 50% of their normal pay.

The move means staff will be able to take advantage of some form of paid leave for a total of 41 weeks – a benefit which the company said was also available to any employee, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In addition to this, Glenmorangie has also confirmed it has added new provisions for any parents whose child is born prematurely.

Employees will be now be paid for taking time off from the moment their baby arrives up until its estimated due-date, after which the normal family leave begins.

Commenting on the announcement, Glenmorangie Company president and CEO Thomas Moradpour said: “As a world-leading employer, we’re delighted to be making life-friendly changes to support our staff at work and at home, particularly in those unforgettable first weeks as a new parent.”

He added: “We believe a diverse and inclusive world is better for all. And we aim to share our vision as widely as possible, with our wonderful team.”

In addition to the new parental leave benefits, the company has also revealed it is redeveloping its Edinburgh head office to create a post-Covid-19 (Coronavirus) working environment that gives staff more space.

It confirmed that the upgrade, to be implemented by Form Design Consultants, will incorporate having more meeting spaces to encourage idea-sharing and prioritise personal development.

There will also be open-plan zones and individual pods for quiet working, as well as informal areas where staff can strengthen relationships and relax.