Gaia Underfloor Heating introduces mental health training for staff

Underfloor heating specialist firm Gaia Underfloor Heating has provided its workforce with training to promote mental health and staff wellbeing.

In order to increase awareness of mental health issues and remind employees of the available resources, staff took part in a training programme provided by People HR and completed various modules as part of their personal development and wellbeing.

The employer also approached mental health charity Mind for additional support, having signed its Mental Health At Work commitment in Aril 2022, in order to continue supporting mental wellbeing across the business.

With the help of the charity’s mental health toolkit, the firm provided mental health tools and support, as well as promoting an open culture around mental health, prioritising mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a systematic programme of activity, and ensuring work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes.

Steven Rooney, director of Gaia Underfloor Heating, said: “Mind offers fantastic guidance and help for anyone with mental health problems. They are the ideal partner to provide us with extra knowledge and valuable resources for our staff.

“The mental welfare of our staff is of utmost importance to us. We believe that happy employees make a happy workplace so we’re keen to offer all the support we can. Facilitating additional training for all our employees is a great way to reinforce the resources available to them. By incorporating mental health awareness into their daily work life, we can ensure it is placed – and remains – high on everyone’s agenda.”

Jon Neal, chief executive officer of Mind’s Suffolk branch, added: “Presenting our mental health toolkit was a great opportunity to enable the Gaia team to look after themselves and each other better. It’s good to work with employers like Gaia, who take mental health in the workplace seriously and want to make a difference.”