FREE Employer’s guide to helping colleagues cope with the Covid-19 crisis

With working-from-home set to continue for the foreseeable future, Gympass has assembled an eBook guide for employers to help them manage their employees’ responses to working within the confines of Covid-19 restrictions.

The free eBook is packed with helpful measures including:

  •       How to Work Productively at Home
  •       How to Cope with Social Isolation
  •       How to Manage Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  •       How to Exercise While Staying Indoors
  •       Additional Tips for Supporting Your Team

Neatly presented, it offers a number of practical tips for employers to share with their team.  It seeks to remind employers and employees of the many opportunities and possibilities that have come with the Covid crisis. It also addresses juggling family and social activities around work and gives sound advice on how to schedule your time and work productively. Also, importantly, it reminds people to know when to stop working to allow time for exercise, mindfulness, family and friends.

“The changes brought about by COVID-19 have seen HR professionals assume responsibility for helping employees cope during the pandemic and protect their physical and emotional well-being as much as possible,” says Luke Bullen, Gympass CEO for UK/IE.  “There has been no shortage of well-meaning and excellent advice to help managers and, you could argue, there has been too much information circulating. The aim of our eBook is to summarise key ideas and recommendations in a highly engaging format to help remind employers of key tactics they could use.  We’ve also included some new ideas for them to try and cascade to their team.”

The eBook emphasises the benefit of developing a healthy and positive outlook to help people cope with their work and home life and persevere during this crisis.

“Physical activity is of prime importance for mental and physical wellbeing,” continues Luke. “At Gympass we specialise in providing access to a wide range of programmes and put as much emphasis on mindfulness, relaxation and meditation as we do exercise sessions to ensure a mind/body balance can be achieved.”

The eBook rounds off with a number of additional tips for employers to use in supporting their team.  Designed to be circulated among employees, this advice includes ideas on:

1)     Practicing social distance without isolating yourself

2)     Using technology to engage with the world

3)     Cleaning out your living space

4)     Rewarding yourself for reaching goals

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5)     Starting group projects – with friends and/or colleagues

To access the eBook click here.