EXCLUSIVE: AutoRek launches financial wellbeing tool for staff

AutoRekFinancial control and data management solutions provider AutoRek has introduced a financial wellbeing and coaching tool for its more than 140 employees.

Through the platform provided by Bippit, can access one-to-one financial coaching from a professional matched to their needs, after answering a series of questions about their financial concerns.

Also available are monthly webinars on topics such as pensions and protection, and tools and calculators to track goals, analyse spending, and review financial health checks. The service is free of charge for employees and has no tax implications.

According to the business, it has launched the service as part of its financial wellbeing approach and in order to support its diverse team at different stages of their lives, taking into account the energy crisis, rising inflation and the cost of living, as well as to attract and retain talent.

Fiona Miller, head of operations at AutoRek, said: “People are making big life-changing decisions and are screaming for this type of financial support and I think we as an employer need to play our part and support our teams through those big changes. Having a platform like Bippit to do that sends a really strong message about us as an organisation and how much we care.

“One of our key pillars is people first and we really try to live up to that. When you think about wellbeing you typically only think of mental wellbeing, we all know there is a link and strong correlation between mental and financial wellbeing which is incredibly hard to ignore. It all comes down to people first and sending the message to the team that we will always do all we can to support them. It is a win-win for both the employee’s wellbeing and the business alike.”