Evoluted uses a local accountancy firm to keep abreast of pensions change 


Sheffield-based digital marketing organisation Evoluted specialises in bespoke web development and digital design. It was founded in 2006 and currently employs 27 staff.

The organisation originally implemented a group stakeholder pension scheme for employees, but with the introduction of auto-enrolment in October 2012 came a slew of challenges revolving around communication and keeping employees up to date, says Ash Young, managing director at the company.

As is the case for many small and medium-sized organisations, Evoluted had no in-house dedicated pensions expertise. Nevertheless, it was able to rely on a skilled accountant to provide help and support when it came to staying on top of changes to the regulatory landscape of workplace pensions.

“We have worked with the same firm of accountants since our business was launched,” explains Young. “They offered to support us in managing the new pension regime as an additional service. They asked for our input to design and choose an appropriate scheme and have been very proactive, particularly in keeping us informed of any changes around employer contributions. However, we already contribute above the maximum required by the scheme.”

Evoluted, in addition, does not have a dedicated internal HR position. Therefore, the responsibility for communicating any pension changes to individual employees, as well as what these mean and how they might affect pay, falls instead to the directors.

“This makes it even more important to be working with the right professionals who can offer the support as and when we need it,” adds Young. “Working with a good local accountant has been key to keeping things running smoothly for us. Without access to that expert help, it would be incredibly difficult for us to stay on top of any changes ourselves.”