Don’t overlook the people risks in your business

Have you considered how you would cope financially if a key employee in your business fell ill, or died unexpectedly?

Business owners recognise the need for protecting their business premises and stock as part of their business continuity plans, but they often overlook the potentially devastating impact to their business of losing an employee that they rely on financially. This individual could be you.

Who might be key to your business?
Key people could include business owners and people who have a major influence or impact on profit. For example, this could be individuals with specialist skills, or those with unique relationships with third parties. Essentially, a key person is anyone who would put your business at risk if they were to become ill unexpectedly, or die.

Jelf Employment Benefits’ liability audit takes 10 minutes and can be used for companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and sole traders. It will help you identify your business protection requirements and help ensure the financial wellbeing of your business should the worst happen.

Make sure your people risks are covered today.