Clarins reports 33.6% mean gender pay gap for 2023

Clarins gender pay gap
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Beauty and skincare brand Clarins has reported a mean gender pay gap of 33.6% for 2023, up from 29.9% in 2022.

The employer’s median gender pay gap for the year was 53.3%, up from 47.9% in 2022. Its upper pay quartile in 2023 comprised 83.5% female and 16.5% male employees, compared to 82.7% female and 17.3% male the year before. Meanwhile, its lower pay quartile comprised 99.1% female employees and 0.9% male, compared to 98.9% female and 1.1% male the prior year.

Its 2023 mean gender bonus gap was 41%, down from 44.2% in 2022, while its median gender bonus gap was 60.5%, up from 57.8% the prior year. A total of 93.9% of men and 93.4% of women received a bonus that year, compared to 91.7% of men and 96.6% of women the previous year.

Clarins’ bonus pay includes sales commission and incentive payments, Christmas and performance bonus payments, long service and merit awards.

Debbie Lewis, managing director of Clarins UK, said: “At Clarins UK, our pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion is still very much at the top of our agenda. We are committed to a continuing journey to ensure that we have fair and equitable practices that encourages growth, and provides a workplace where our people can flourish, grow and feel a sense of belonging. Diversity, equity and inclusion was given a key focus in our global bi-annual employee engagement survey this year. It has remained a vital part of our recruitment and progression strategies to encourage greater gender diversity and more diverse applicant pools.

“We are extremely proud of the ratings we received, highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion, as a strength for the UK business, with ratings above the UK norm. We will continue to take further steps to continually develop our culture and promote equality, striving towards providing a working environment that accepts all differences in cultural background and lifestyles.